With your help these and other abandoned and abused children will never remain forgotten.

Throughout all the nations and cultures of the world there are lone and forgotten children. They do not have any great illness or disease that focuses the world's attention on them. They do not live in the midst of famine and war. They live in what are described as civilised and progressive nations, yet it is this very notion of civilisation and progression that enables them to live among the "Forgotten". The Philippines as with all nations has many "Forgotten Children" we want your help to bring these children with their many gifts and talents to be known not for their "Forgetness" but for the greatness of their lives shining out for all the world to see. Help us to educate these children who have so much good to give to our civilised and progressive world.


Rev. Fr. James P. Teeling

Fr. Jim Teeling is Parish Priest of St. Joseph's Catholic Church, East Greenwich, London SEIO OEA, England and is a priest of the Diocese of Southwark and Honorary Founding President of MOSPI and ACFSPI.

Fr. Roger Cruz is the Director of the two Incorporations. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of MOSPI and ACFSPI. Fr. Roger serves as a priest in the the Diocese of Malolas.


Bank donations in Philippines

Donations within the Philippines and from countries outside England and Wales can be lodged in A/c no. 2160652710 China Bank, Fairview Branch, Quezon City, Manila, Philippines. Account Name: Mater Orphanorum Servants of the Poor Inc. (MOSPI can also be used on the cheques or Bankers Order) instead of writing the name in full.
A/c No 2160724910 Ateneo Casa Famiglia Servants of the Poor (ACFSPI details as above).

Sponsorship of a Child living in Mospi for 12 months Php 35,000 / £500




MATER ORPHANORUM: Servants of the Poor, Inc. (also known as MOSPI) and of Ateneo Casa Famiglia Servants of th Poor, Inc.(ACFSPI) are duly registered non-government, not for profit residential care incorporations that focus their resources to the general welfare of disadvantaged Philippine children. They are located in Blk.13 Lot.34 Brangay San Rafael IV, Area H, Phase II, Sapang Palay, City of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan, Philippines. They were founded in 1998 by Rev. Father James Teeling with the assistance of Rev. Father Rogelio R. Cruz crs. MOSPI and ACFSPI were registered on the Security and Exchange Commission of the Philippines on the 23rd June 2004.

Since its inception in 1998, MOSPI has housed and helped (300+) orphaned, indigent and abused children living in the Philippines.
Currently, there are 45 children being served by the institution with two buildings being utilized to cater for their needs. The first building is presently used as the girl’s quarters. The second building is used as the boy’s residence. Both buildings have the capacity to accommodate 30 children per building.
ACFSPI has provided education for 3000+ children.
The incorporations rely solely on benevolent benefactors to achieve their mission and goals although there are proposals to reverse this status into a self-sufficient organization.


Mospi assists abandoned, orphaned, abused and indigent children in being made capable of becoming men and women prepared to live within the freedom of being children of the Lord and thus contributing to the progress of the Philippines.
ACFSPI provides a full and complete education to the poorest children in the locality of the school and in the city of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan.

To provide education, food and shelter to the children of the Philippines empowering them to become responsible and productive members of society.

Mater Orphanorum & Ateneo Casa Famiglia are dedicated to the wellbeing of each and every child in their care and has set goals to achieve this purpose. Each Child is a gift and each child`s gifts are appreciated and nurtured.

MOSPI : To establish temporary residential care services for disadvantaged children. To provide shelter and food to abandoned senior citizens.
ACFSPI: To establish learning institutions, vocational as well as academic, that will primarily benefit those children that are being supported by the incorporation.
To form a community of volunteers that aim to serve the children and aspire to charity towards the oppressed and protect them from every form of discrimination.
To establish a medical center primarily geared towards the well being of the community.
To promote love, compassion and goodwill among all peoples and to provide support for the less fortunate members of our society.
To become self-liquidating institutions, either wholly or partially, in the future.


Mater Orphanorums’ mandate is to help the disadvantaged children of the community. These children are known to be either orphaned, abandoned, sold, impoverished and physically, mentally or sexually abused. Every child in need would be cared for subject to the guidelines as laid down by the Department of Social Welfare and Development in the Philippines.

Geographical Coverage of Operation

The City of San Jose del Monte, Province of Bulacan, is the home of Mater Orphanorum and Ateneo Casa Famiglia. It has been a relocation area for the past four decades. The majority of the population were migrant residents from the slum and depressed areas of Metro Manila and other places of the country. The government relocated them to several resettlement areas in San Jose del Monte. Today, they account for more than two thirds of the population and occupy 47 out of 51 Barangays of the City. There are about 770,000 poor families living within the city boundaries of San Jose del Monte.

The City holds the biggest resettlement area in the Philippines. The growth index of the population is abnormally high compared to the rest of the country. With this perspective in mind, one could visualize the situation where there is an abundance of potential manpower within an area but unfortunately no industry or means of employment.

The unavailability of jobs and growing poverty nurtures a lot of social problems that eventually affects the whole of the community. The principle of cause and effect classically describes the present situation of most of the poor families of the city. The degeneration of the social fabric ultimately disintegrates the family as the basic social unit of our community which results in low moral values that cause unwanted pregnancies, unprepared early marriages, broken families, vices, drug addiction, alcoholism and criminality.

Today, there are a lot of displaced families dispersed all over the city who have not escaped the stigma of their past and whose economic status remains below the subsitence level and these are the target location and clienteles of the incorporations.

Mater Orphanorum and Ateneo Casa Famiglia do not recognize geopolitical boundaries nor do they practice discrimination based on religious beliefs or denomination.